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My name is Martin F. Krafft, I often go by my nickname "madduck". I am an (external) Ph.D. student of Prof. Brian Fitzgerald and Dr. Kieran Conboy at the University of Limerick, partially funded by Lero — the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre. I live in Zurich, Switzerland, but my home remains in the lovely city of Munich. Despite the splendor of Zurich (and Switzerland), I often miss Munich because of its parks and lakes, the food, and the family and friends waiting there for me.

I spend most of my time working as a developer on the Debian project, which is all: my source of income (as a consultant, trainer, and author), the topic of my Ph.D. research, and my main hobby. As hinted, I have written a book about Debian, which has been referred to as the Debian Bible on numerous occasions.

My curriculum vitae is available online.

Occasionally, I dump thoughts into my blog, but that mainly exists for the purpose of Planet Debian. I guess you figured yourself that I am spending a serious portion of my time on Debian (possibly too much); so far, that's been mostly positive.

If I am not hacking away, you can find me sailing or snowboarding, hanging out with friends, watching independent movies at my favourite cinema, listening to music, or travelling (Asia, if possible…).

If you have any more questions, just ask. You can find information on how to get in touch with me on my contact page.

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