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This site was built with a number of open-source software products. I feel it is important to give enough credit to the involved people, who spend their free time developing and supporting these software suites.

Open-source software has numerous advantages over proprietary, commercial products:

  • It is developed by users of the software, not people trying to make money by selling it. As a direct consequence, it doesn't suffer from the marketing syndrome, and it provides the features that users need, not those which the company wants to sell.
  • The source code is available to everyone. Not only does this mean that anyone can modify the product to better suit their needs, it also greatly facilitates problem-solving, since one can inspect the source of any problem.
  • Open-source software has a large community using and supporting it. Direct help from the developers is absolutely no rarity, and if they are not available, then numerous (experienced) users are ready to help one, and to work with one to solve any problems.
  • And last, but very much not least: Open-source software is free. No complicated and capitalistic licensing models, no "software assurance" or similarly flawed license subscriptions, no problems with upgrades, and a lot more money left for other things.

As said, this site was created with a number of open-source software suites. In particular, I would like to thank:

  • Michael Foord for rest2web, the site builder framework. rest2web is © by Voidspace.

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This webpage wouldn't be possible without Debian, Python, rest2web, Apache, and other excellent pieces of Free Software.

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